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Wanting For Nothing

by | 27th, August 2002

‘ASIDE from this two-week hiatus, so surrounded are we with the cloak of celebrity that it comes as no surprise to read the Express’s tale that most of want to live abroad.

The delegates made do with meagre basic rations

A survey by YouGov reveals that 54 per cent of adults are ”seriously considering a new life abroad”. Which could be news related to the front page of the Express, on which the headline ”Asylum: Scandal Of Huge Cover-Up” appears.

That story is not about Brits seeking solace overseas, but about foreigners coming here, or, more precisely, how this Government is letting them.

Not that Tony and his chums are listening just now, having themselves taken a trip to foreign climes. ”It Makes You Sick,” says the Sun on its cover, as Tone, Prezza and 68 other liggers tuck into ”mountains of lobster, oysters and fillet steak” at a conference to talk about tackling world hunger.

Tony might be planning to dice his crustacean into a few thousand pieces and toss the pieces to the needy, but the rest of the delegates at Earth Summit in South Africa have their eyes locked firmly on their plates.

Which means they’ll be spared the unpalatable sight of the poor and hungry starving to death across the road.

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