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It’s Not So Grim Oop North

by | 27th, August 2002

‘MORE evidence that the world is not as it should be is found in the Mail, where the nation’s one remaining Z-list celeb tells us all about it in her column.

Vanessa frolicked by the seaside on holiday

”I write this at a waterside table in the sunshine, sipping an aperitif on my summer holiday,” writes Vanessa Feltz, for it is she. Gripped, we read on. ”Where am I? St Tropez? A Grecian isle? Actually, I’m in gorgeous Manchester.”

Readers scurrying for an atlas to find a Manchester other than the grim and grey one in England’s north, need not bother. It is that Manchester to which our diarist pays homage.

But Vanessa’s rose-tinted vision might be attributable to her delight at being the one minor celeb left in town. At times like these, Vanessa could see beauty in the bottom of a Bridlington sewer works.

Like crop circles that feature every year in the Sun (and this year is no exception, as the paper once more instructs readers: ”How to make your own crop circle”) we know our celebs are man-made with little or no star quality.

But they do fill the papers, and that makes more and more of us want to get out of here, and as far away from Britain as possible. ‘

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