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by | 28th, August 2002

‘AMERICANS are no longer worried about the colour of the Prime Minister’s suits – they’re just hoping he’ll don the combat fatigues and help eliminate that troublesome Iraqi dictator who’s been bothering them for so long.

”Ib dib, you’re hit”

But the Guardian reports that there is ”sharply rising opposition among Labour voters to American military action”.

With 52 per cent now saying he should not support US policy on Iraq, the PM faces ”acute political embarrassment” over the problem.

”This shift in opinion among Labour voters underlines the growing tensions between London and Washington over the issue,” writes the Guardian.

But the Prime Minister is not just facing setbacks at home and across the pond – he is also under fire from across the Channel, where the Belgian foreign minister has attacked him for ”submissively” following the US policy on Iraq.

”Morally, politically, we could take charge of the world,” said Louis Michel. ”But the British are blocking that. They still don’t understand that they could play a pioneer role in Europe instead of submissively following the US.”

Mr Blair was poised to respond to this accusation, but was distracted by a phone call from the White House informing him that President Bush had managed to eat a packet of pretzels at the same time as watching a game of American football, and rushed off to proffer his warmest congratulations on behalf of the British public.

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