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Big Brother Inmates Sue For Distress

by | 28th, August 2002

‘WHEN the fame begins to fade, and the invitations to envelope-openings dry up, a former Big Brother contestant’s thoughts turn to… legal action.

”What’s wrong with dis dress?”

”Housemates set to sue,” says the Star, and what’s more, it looks like they’ve got a good case. Experts reckon that there could be some big money payments for emotional distress, trauma, and all the other nasty side-effects of TV exposure and trial by tabloid.

”I’ve yet to find one who doesn’t have a strong case,” says libel lawyer Mark Stephens. ”It’s clear to me that they’ve all been damaged.”

Too true, Mr Stephens, too true. But what of us millions of viewers left damaged by the experience of Tim’s chest, Adele’s nose, Jade’s arse and the rest? Who speaks for us?

Enterprising lawyers can contact us at the usual address.

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