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by | 29th, August 2002

”’IT’S DISGUSTING.” Direct and straight to the point. We like it. The words are those of ”Mum Rhonda Bailey, 28, who threw eggs at the van carrying [Maxine] Carr to court last week”.

Toys R Us Peterborough sells out of new ‘Hang ‘Em High’ garden swing

They appear in the Star’s front-page story, which tells of how egg-throwers like Bailey have been cruelly denied their sport now that the lily-livered authorities have decided that she can communicate by video-link.

”Full story: Page 7” we are promised, but on turning with trembling fingers to the designated page, we find that there are no further words from Mum Rhonda. Is this the shortest interview ever published? Maybe she is saving her words for use on placards: ”ROT IN HELL” (3), ”BRING BACK THE ROPE” (4). Or perhaps words simply fail her.

And on the subject of words, the paper reports that the Rev Tim Alban Jones, vicar of St Andrew’s church in Soham, has been giving careful thought to the memorial service for Holly and Jessica. ”Forgiveness is at the very heart of the Christian gospel,” he avows, ”but it’s not the appropriate time to be going into this type of theological question.”

Indeed not. We humbly suggest our one theme for the sermon: String ’em all up – let God sort ’em out.

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