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by | 2nd, September 2002

”’REVEALED, pop generation’s ignorance of great music,” announces the Mail, reporting the findings of a new survey by Classic FM. It seems that many children today have little or no knowledge of classical music, and have trouble recognising even the most elementary musical instruments.

”If that’s a guitar, I’m the new Elvis”

Seven per cent thought a violin was a guitar, and most failed to identify the cello and French horn from pictures. An impressive 65 per cent couldn’t name a single classical composer, although many had a go – and came up with names including Britney Spears, Leonardo da Vinci, Louis Armstrong, Will Young and Monet. It makes you despair, doesn’t it?

How we yearn for those long-lost days when a middle-manager would open the door, kiss the wife who was busy in the kitchen, pour himself a drink from the repro antique cabinet and settle down to the sounds of the Daily Mail Classical Greats album as they seeped from the walnut stereogram. Tchaikovsky’s Everyone’s A Fruit and Nutcase, Bach’s Hamlet Cigars, Dvorak’s HovisÂ… Classics, one and all.

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