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Mein Holiday Kampf

by | 3rd, September 2002

‘SUCH is the allure of celebrity that middle-aged crooner Bryan Ferry can still romance a 21-year-old dancer called Katie Turner.

”It’s got a nine-hole golf course and a giant water-slide…”

Ferry’s new ”Roxy Lady” features on the Sun’s cover, and inside, too, as the paper goes shopping with the couple in Munich’s swankiest stores.

What the couple then did is not reported, but if they wanted to head to a favourite haunt of world leaders and big-name stars they could have popped along to Obersalzberg.

For those not in the know, the Sun shows the German idyll, a wonderful place, a sight of rare tranquillity and splendour from where patrons of the town’s soon-to-be new hotel can relax, pen an ode to their new love or simply plot an invasion of Russia.

Nestled below The Eagle’s Nest, the new 140-room complex of spa, tennis courts and golf courses will bring new life to one of Adolf Hitler’s favourite wartime retreats.

Hitler-minded golfers can even chip along from the sand bunker to one of the underground bunkers, in which Hitler entertained Eva Braun with his famous ”squeaky armpit” and ”Newton’s ball” routine.

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