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Show Me The Honey

by | 3rd, September 2002

‘BACK in the 1980s, when windsurfers did it standing up, cowboys did it with chaps and truck drivers with Yorkies, celebrities did it on Celebrity Squares and the end of the pier.

Brown bread

Now, they’re doing it everywhere, and even their children are doing it.

The Mirror shows a picture of Madonna’s daughter Lourdes walking her half-brother Rocco around a Beverly Hills park.

And the Sun has a shot of ”luvvly bruvvly!” Brooklyn Beckham popping in to see his new brother Romeo at the hospital. Well brought-up in the celebrity manner, Brooklyn obligingly turns his face to camera.

And over in the Express, Zoe Ball is pictured clutching her little Woody, and telling the world that she’s really happy. Which is great.

And in a few years time, they too might have their names ingrained in the Cockney lexicon. And then, as Jamie Oliver would have it, earn some proper Poppy Honey.

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