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Such Fragrance

by | 4th, September 2002

‘MARY Archer is no stranger to the inside of a courtroom – the fragrance and elegance that make it unthinkable that her husband could ever have indulged in cold, unloving rubber-insulated sex in a seedy hotel with a common prostitute have lit up many a trial.

”Anne Robinson, you say? Can’t say I’ve had the pleasure”

But normally she appears in a supporting role to her husband, the great author Jeffrey Archer. Yesterday, however, it was her turn to give evidence to a tribunal investigating claims that she unfairly dismissed her PA Jane Williams.

And in her evidence we learn (from the Mail) that the sweet-scented one was referred to as Anne Robinson (”harridan of The Weakest Link”) by Williams, who also (we are sorry to report) was the author of an ”inappropriate” e-mail that carried a reference to Lord Archer.

Such gratitude to a boss, who without the strains of her husband’s recent perjury trial would no doubt have had radiance – and compassion.

When Lady Archer became concerned at the high premiums she was paying for Williams, the Mail reports that she solicitously asked her PA: ”What is the matter with you? Is it terminal?” Such concern for others is precious – and may Lady Archer’s fragrance, elegance and radiance light up the inside of many more court rooms in the years to come.

The hearing, as they say, continues.

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