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by | 6th, September 2002

‘TONY Blackburn has seen off the competition. After his three male rivals were voted off the show, lesbian comedienne Rhona Cameron got the boot last night – leaving the way open for the veteran DJ to work his magic charm on the three remaining women.

”No, Tara! Leave me ALONE!”

However, he will have to be on his best behaviour if he is to get anywhere with Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, who revealed that the reason she fell out with Darren Day was not because he rejected her advances, but because he started to get ”vulgar”.

”I took offence to it,” she explained. ”And then there was the burping and farting. Every time he did that I found it such a turn-off.” Which would explain the notes.

But Tara is not the only celebrity to take offence so easily. Darren himself has admitted that he found Tara’s notes (which she claims were just a prank) ”offensive”, particularly as his posh admirer knew he had a girlfriend.

In days gone by we used to transport our undesirables to Australia on a one-way ticket. What is really ”offensive” about I’m A CelebrityÂ…Get Me Out Of Here! is these sorry bunch of pathetic no-marks get to return home at the TV company’s expense.

If TV continues to plumb such depths, they can run a show called I’m Fed-Up With CelebritiesÂ…Get Me Out Of Here – and watch as the population of the UK dwindles to about 228.

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