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Heir With No Hair?

by | 6th, September 2002

‘WE cannot all be blessed with the looks and talent of Darren Day or Jenny Frost, but some of us can luxuriate in a full head of hair. Not Prince William, though, who is losing his matinee idol looks as quickly as his barnet – and would be well-advised to find himself a future queen before he turns into Prince Edward.

”Please Lord, let that be the only thing I have in common with Uncle Eddie”

As a staunch supporter of the monarchy, the Mail keeps a particularly close eye on such things and it has noticed that recent pictures of the 20-year-old second-in-line ”show that the back of his head is starting to reflect the light rather than absorb it”.

And this, says the paper, at an age even younger than Edward was when the world was first alerted to the shocking news that he too was going to be a slaphead.

Worse still – according to trichologist Marilyn Sherlock, there is no cure. ”A lot of people just ride through it because there’s nothing they can do about it,” she said. And ride through it is exactly what we would expect William to do, whether in pursuit of a fox, a polo ball or just a game young filly.

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