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Get Ahead, Get A Bump

by | 9th, September 2002

‘WITH the world set to end at any minute, there are at least five people out there who have yet to wear the cloak of celebrity.

Vanessa had a big bump long before it was fashionable

It’s an outrage, we agree, but if any of those poor forgotten few are listening and are able, they should get along to the sperm bank and make a withdrawal.

Because it’s a” Celebrity Baby Boom”, and if you haven’t got a designer bump, then you, dear friend, are not in the club.

And what a club it is! There’s Sadie Frost, with her tummy hanging out the bottom of her T-shirt. And why if it isn’t Sarah Jessica Parker walking in New York with her latest must-have accessory.

And Sharleen Spiteri is not just big in Glasgow but is equally rotund in London and pretty much everywhere else she dares to go. And who could fail to recognise Natasha, er, thingymabob from Atomic Kitten?

Look, there’s good old Natalie doing the thing with Francis de la Tour and the other member of Atomic Kitten.

So come on, girls, get out there and get pregnant. And if you can’t find a willing man, have a word with Darren Day’s agent.

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