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No Sex Please

by | 10th, September 2002

‘A YEAR ago, all the talk was of the clash of civilisations and whether the Christian world and Muslim world could co-exist. Today, all the chat is about the clash between the boys and the girls on Popstars: The Rivals – and the need to keep both sides apart. Not because they might come to blows, however, but (says the Star) because producers are worried that they may all jump into bed with each other.

”I’ve never had any rivals for my affections”

After three series of Big Brother and barely a kiss to show for it, why TV bosses think the 20 boys and girls left on the talent show won’t be able to keep their hands off each other is a mystery.

But a show insider tells the Star that finalists will be banned from any hanky-panky. ”It goes without saying that there will be some good-looking, hunky guys and some very sexy lasses making it through to the final,” they told the paper. ”The last thing we want is for couples to form and then we end up with hysterical girls crying because their new boyfriend has got the boot.”

Or hysterical boys crying because their new girlfriend has got the boot. Or indeed hysterical girls floating topless on lilos and kissing other hysterical girls…

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