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Loud And Proud

by | 19th, September 2002

‘TECHNOLOGICAL innovations often come from unlikely sources. Never forget, without space travel, scientists would never have invented the non-stick frying pan.

With an engine like a Renault Twingo

(The preceding fascinating fact is one of thousands from the forthcoming Anorak Bumper Book Of Facts And Figures For Young People.)

Now Jay and Jason Plugge, two inventors from California, have introduced a new twist into an old lemon.

They have built a contraption that, in the careful words of the Telegraph, ”could soon be able to recreate the throaty roar of a Ferrari Testarossa inside a Mini Metro”.

Great, think the teenage boy racers of Essex, now we can install this device in our rust-buckets and drive the local population mad!

Only problem is, the noise is channelled into the car itself, and can only be played inside the car itself.

Thus giving an ideal excuse to crank that in-car hi-fi system up from 11 to 12. Sorted!

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