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by | 19th, September 2002

‘PREVENTING Scotland scoring against England at football doesn’t rank as the greatest demonstration of supernatural powers. But it is one of many achievements that Uri Geller is happy to take the credit for.

”Bloody bender!”

Others are rather more spectacular: his time as a CIA agent, his work as a channel for extraterrestrials, choosing Michael Jackson as his best man, and of course, appearing on I’m A Celebrity¬Ö Get Me Out Of Here!

Then there’s the spoonbending, of course, and his less-than-impressive appearance on the Johnny Carson show, when he found himself up against the massed forces of the magician James Randi, whose hostility to psychics prompted him to advise Carson’s team on how to expose Geller.

Reputations (BBC2, 9pm) takes a sceptical but entertaining trip through Geller’s life in the public eye, from male model to massive celebrity to relative obscurity once more.

It’s not likely to change anybody’s opinion of Geller, but it passes the time entertainingly enough. Once upon a time, Geller’s TV appearances were preceded by a warning that clocks might stop and cutlery bend. Consider yourself forewarned and forearmed.

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