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The Sting

by | 19th, September 2002

‘HOW do you say ”I love you”? If you’re a hip and with it young thing, you say it in a text message: ”I LV U.”

”Ooooh! My ring!”

If you’ve just had a Botox injection, you will have enrolled on the post-theatre sign language course and be able to point to yourself, then your heart before finally opening your hands palms up to the world.

And if you’re a Hollywood star you buy the object of your admiration a rock the size of Gibraltar.

That’s what Antonio Banderas did to show his affection for Melanie Griffith. But it ended in high drama when the ”gum-drop”-sized gem in her ring came unstuck from its setting.

”OHMIGOD,” screamed Melanie as she realised that the stone had gone, leaving behind the superglue and foil casing.

Melanie’s cry of anguish was heard by Sting, who stopped the concert he was giving, ordered the lights to go on and began a mass hunt for the gem.

”Finders keepers, losers weepers,” sang Sting to the tune to Don’t Stand So Close To Me as the on-stage troupe and guests at the concert in Cannes went hunting.

But the ring was gone. And so soon was Melanie, in floods of tears.

Meanwhile back in the hall, the lighters that light up the life of all gigs for the middle-aged music brigade were still switched on. And Sting played on.

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