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Clean And Serene

by | 24th, September 2002

‘WOULDN’T it be just dandy if we were all happy! How great it would be if we could just learn to get along!

The photographer struggles in vain to capture Hitler’s good side

There would be no violence, no hatred and no explicit shots of Kate Winslet’s breasts.

It’s something John Dixon dreamt about. And his dreams led him to open CleanFlicks, a video retailer in Utah where, says the Guardian, what he calls ”unpleasant surprises” are cut from tapes.

So out go Winslet’s breasts in Titanic, followed by Tom Cruise’s love scene in the erotic thriller Top Gun and in comes a battle-free battle scene in Saving Private Ryan, in which no-one dies and the Germans challenge the Americans to help them build a daisy chain to wrap around the world.

It’s springtime for Hitler and Germany all over again.

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