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Courting Couple

by | 13th, May 2003

‘WELL, we now know who – and what – was responsible for Jessie Wallace being voted Sexiest Female soap star – PC Dave Morgan and a speed redial.

Whale spotted off Southend

Copper Dave met the EastEnders actress when he drove her home from court after a drink-driving hearing…and now, according to the Sun, they are dating.

‘Jessie, who plays wild Kat Slater in the BBC1 soap had an intimate lunch with the cop at an Italian diner in London’s Covent Garden on Sunday,’ it says.

‘She beamed from ear to ear as hunky Dave playfully squeezed her bum.’

Is it any coincidence that this tale should come out on the same day as the nominations for this year’s Police Bravery Awards?

As the Sun says, ‘life on the street as a police officer can be very dangerous’.

And never more dangerous than when encountering a bum that’s so big it needs its own postcode.

The Sun shows the happy couple proceeding in a northerly direction in central London, with one eyewitness revealing that Jessie ‘looked like the cat who had got the cream’. And a lot of cream at that.

The 28-year-old copper met the actress at Chelmsford magistrates court back in September when he shielded her from waiting photographers.

A friend of the 31-year-old actress said: ‘It is such an incredible story it could have come from the show itself.’

In which case it will soon end in tears – and the Vic. Which would be a shame because we would like to know what happens if you cross a Kat and a pig…

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