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When Badgers Attack

by | 14th, May 2003

‘FROM one reign of terror now to another, as the Guardian brings news of the furry creature that put five people in hospital in the Worcestershire town of Evesham.

‘We’re not talking without our publicist here’

It seems that badger enthusiasts are dicing with injury in getting up close and personal with the black and white beasts.

This particular creature was called Boris – although Boris is now an ex-badger, having been finally caught under a crate and put down for a long sleep by a vet.

It’s a sad story of the lad who attacked after being set free from a wildlife park, where experts say Boris had enjoyed too much contact with humans and been inappropriately hand-reared.

Now Boris has bitten the proverbial hand that fed him, and, as the Times says, the legs and arms of Michael Fitzgerald – as well as forcing two policemen chasing him to seek refuge on the bonnet of their patrol car.

Nothing is heard from badger enthusiast Ron Davies, but he is believed to be only mildly shaken and more disappointed than shocked.

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