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by | 15th, May 2003

‘SINCE we learned about the Arab dhow – and that he had his toothpaste squeezed for him by his personal assistant, Michael Fawcett – little has been heard of the man called Prince Charles.

The Prince and his Royal Bracelet Tier-In-Chief

But now he’s back in the news, with the Telegraph’s expose of another of the gifts that have come his way.

The paper says that the Prince is wearing a ”hippy” bracelet, a red and white woven string band, given to him while on a state visit to Bulgaria.

What’s odd is that having disposed of valuable items via the aforesaid Fawcett, the Prince should choose to keep a homespun item valued by the paper at about 10p, and wear it on official visits.

What’s more, the Times has it that the bracelet, designed to bring luck and longevity (if he gives it to mummy, he’ll never be king), has sat on his blue-blooded wrist for over two months.

And it seems he will go on wearing the martenista, as it is known in downtown Bulgaria, until he spots the first swallow, or stork, of summer.

But since most things with wings are routinely shot at by his family, we can expect the Prince to be sporting the off-cut well in to his 115th year.

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