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by | 15th, May 2003

‘IT might not be a stigmatum, but the impression of Nelson Mandela’s right hand that occupies the cover of today’s Times appears to map out his life.

An Ordnance Survey map of Africa

The handprint of the former President of South Africa seems to reveal a marked depression in the centre of his palm, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the shape of the African continent.

The story goes that while being artistic, Mandela rested his hand on a piece of paper that was covered in paint. He wiped his hand on another sheet and the image of his homeland appeared.

For those interested in owning a version of the image, the Independent says that copies of the print are now on sale – for charity – at London’s Belgravia Gallery, along with new works by the Prince of Wales.

No handprints of the Prince are revealed, chiefly on account of his hands never having got dirty.

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