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M Marks The Spot

by | 16th, May 2003

‘WHAT’S great about being Mark Wahlberg is that when everyone else forgets who you are, you can just roll up your sleeve, consult your arm and know that you are ”MW Wahlberg”.

But what does it mean?

That’s what it says on the tattoo etched in dark ink on the actor’s upper right arm.

And before you mock, let is be said that there is a fashion in Hollywood for writing the name of a loved one on your body. And at last Mark, unlike Angelina Jolie, will never fall out of love with himself.

As for the winsome actress, she can be seen with makeup covering the name of her former lover Billy Bob Thornton, and getting another tattoo at the local parlour.

The new artwork consists of five vertical rows of ancient Cambodian script linked on her back.

The words are said to keep off bad luck, but we have employed the services of an ancient Cambodian to tell us what they really mean.

And the message is simple: ”Mark Wahlberg.”

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