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Straight Talking

by | 19th, May 2003

‘IT seems that Dale and Nell are intent on having a very traditional relationship – no sex before marriage…and probably no sex after it.

Nell’s in for a big surprise

According to Cilla Black, Nell phoned her the night before the wedding to ask what her groom was like in bed.

”I told her he is a restless sleeper and prone to a fag or two,” said the Blind Date presenter in her speech, ”which had guests crying with laughter”.

”We all know that marriage is something of a gamble, like the lottery. And all I can say is that Nell, you might get a rollover tonight.”

After all, the odds are only about 14,000,000-1.

Looking to the future, Dale says: ”As for any indiscretions I may have had, I’ve certainly put that side of my life away for the moment – well, forever. Yes, forever!”

And Nell will never have to get down on her hands and knees again.

”Dale has already said that we’ll have staff to do all the cleaning so I don’t need to worry about getting my hands dirty,” she says, ”and he said I will never want for anything.”

Except, of course, a straight husband.

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