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Parma Karma

by | 21st, May 2003

‘IF you ever wondered what it is exactly that Europe does, wonder no more.

Does Parma ham by any other name taste as sweet?

For the past six years, it has been deciding that supermarket chain Asda can slice Parma ham at its deli counters and call it Parma ham, but it cannot slice the same Parma ham out of view of the customer, package it and sell it as Parma ham.

From now on, says the Independent, we can all sleep soundly in the knowledge that the Parma ham we buy in the supermarkets ”was not only raised and cured on the hills of Langhirano, but sliced and packaged in the region as well”.

Asda spokeswoman Rachel Fellows described the ruling, which overturns the decisions of two British courts, as ”barmy”.

But Stefano Fanti, managing director of the Prosciutto Association Of Parma, called it an important day for the 200 producers of Parma ham.

”Control over the whole process, including slicing and packaging, guarantees quality and authenticity,” he said.

Similar rulings exist on Cornish clotted cream, Stilton cheese and Newcastle Brown Ale from this country.

However, we look forward to the courts adjudicating on French letters and French kisses in the months and years ahead.

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