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Cash For Access

by | 22nd, May 2003

‘SINCE the state owns No.10 Downing Street, we wonder how long it will be until Tony Blair and his brood have the right to buy?

Family house, central London, easy walking distance from work…

And with them living above No.11, could they buy both the houses and knock the two together, creating enough space for them and their brood to live in together for years to come, in the manner of the Waltons?

As it is, the Mirror reports that Cherie has been auctioning off tours of what, perhaps, will one day be her private home.

At a fundraising evening for 17-year-old son Nicky’s exclusive London Oratory school, held at the down-at-heel Sheraton Hotel, Park Lane, London, Cherie offered a tour of No.10 as the first prize in a raffle.

The lucky winner was ”multi-millionaire” computer recruitment consultant Bill Bottriell, who lashed out £1,700 on the chance to tread the Blairs’ rug.

Anyone else who wants to take a look inside, can either send a large cheque to Nicky Blair – or take his dad out for a slap-up meal in Islington’s Granita restaurant.

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