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American In London

by | 22nd, May 2003

‘ONE of that select band of men who can call themselves Julia Roberts’ ex-boyfriend is over in London at the moment.

”Could that bus be any closer?”

And given most Yanks’ notion of us Brits, he must be amazed not to discover a city either full of Terry Thomas-like cads or Dick Van Dyke cockneys.

Certainly, that is what Enquirer gossip editor Mike Walker, who is also over on this side of the Atlantic, seems to believe.

He recounts the story of how Perry, who is acting in a West End play, was hit by a bus when looking in the wrong direction.

”The horrified driver and passengers erupted from the vehicle and swarmed around him as he groggily got to his feet – dazed, but insisting to all the good chaps that he was just hunk-dory.

”After briefly explaining the meaning of hunk-dory to the fascinated Brits, Matt took off down the street.”

And all us chaps were thankful that at last we knew what the title of that 1971 David Bowie album meant.

Next week, Kelsey Grammar explains the meaning of the word ‘funky’.

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