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Stasi And Hutch

by | 23rd, May 2003

‘IN today’s story of the world gone mad we turn to the Mail and the tale of Peter the lop-eared bunny, who was given a ticket for parking in a restricted zone.

Peter was happy not to have been breathalised

The story goes that when Peter’s pet-shop-owning pal Cliff Chamberlain saw a traffic warden closing in on his van he moved the vehicle and left Peter behind in his hutch.

Whether Pete was keeping the space open or minding his own business was neither here nor there, and the uniformed drone slapped a £30 penalty notice on Pete’s vehicle.

Speaking in the Express, Mr Chamberlain of Eccles Pet Store, Salford, can’t believe what has happened.

”The rabbit’s not for sale now – he’s done nothing wrong,” he says. ”He can’t drive and the hutch hasn’t even got any wheels.”

It sounds like Peter can expect an imminent visit from the law – after all, no road tax, no licence and no MOT are criminal offences.

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