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We’ve Always Got Paris

by | 27th, May 2003

‘AS if you needed any more reminding, rich people are better looking than you – the poor.

The T-shirt says, ‘I LOVE PARIS’

In fact, they are better at everything, even at being poor, if only they were given the chance.

And the pin-up of the rich and ”aren’t I beautiful” is Paris Hilton, the one who is rapidly becoming the apple of OK!’s eye.

”Paris Hilton is everything a young woman could want to be,” we hear.

We are then reminded how Paris and her sister Nicky are ”heiresses to the Hilton hotel chain”, how Paris is an ”up-and-coming actress”, ”recording her first album” and ”finds time to do a bit of modelling”.

It truly is amazing that one fabulously wealthy woman can have so many fabulous careers. Why then is she, as the magazine that knows reminds us, ”ridiculed for being nothing but an airhead with a trust fund”?

How unfair is that? Especially since above all her many talents she is ”just a normal hard-working girl with normal dreams”.

”People don’t really say anything to me specifically,” says Paris. ”They might talk behind my back but they’re scared I might find out because they know they’ll be sorry.”

Since we are not told how these backbiters will be made to feel sorry, we are prepared to go where OK! dares not to tread and invite Paris to bring it on with a full frontal bite.

We think you are untalented and trading on your name.

Oh-oh! Paris has heard us. ”I feel like I’ve been working really hard and I’m not trying to live off my name at all.” Okay, Paris. Please, have mercy. We’re sorr…

”I’m recording an album.” Ahhh! ”I’m acting in movies…” Noooooo! ”…and I’ve done it all on my own.”

Please no more. We are sooo sorry. Just promise us you won’t mention children… ”I’d like to have kids but I also want to act and sing.” Ouch!

And why not combine the two, Paris. Ah-one, ah-two, ah-one-two-three-four – ”The wheels on the limo go round and round…”

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