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Heir Today, King Tomorrow?

by | 2nd, June 2003

‘WHAT is Prince Charles for? What does he do? Good questions and ones which Prince Charles is endeavouring to answer.

”Do one’s two shots carry?”

The Times says the heir to the throne is to write his own job description and publish a brochure on the role of the heir.

He will say, apparently, that his duty is to support the monarch, to act as an ambassador for the country and to do work for charity.

”The Prince, who has irritated ministers by writing to them about topical issues, may also state that it is his duty to tell the powerful what the ordinary person is thinking,” says the paper.

The Prince, by nature of his background and his lifestyle, is of course uniquely placed to represent the views of the ordinary person.

Their main worries in life are, it seems, being kinder to organic vegetables, being less kind to modern architecture…and trying to work out how to squeeze out their own toothpaste.

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