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Nul Points

by | 2nd, June 2003

‘VERY few people in history have polled zero per cent of the popular vote. The man who stood against Saddam Hussein springs to mind as do Eurovision’s Jemini.

Next year’s Eurovision entry

But we have a new name to top the list: Prince Edward.

The Mirror has seen the results of an ITV survey to find which Royal the public likes best, and, that’s right, Eddie scored nul points.

That’s bad, but it gets far worse for Eddie when we see that he is less popular than Prince William (who claimed first place with 34% of the vote), Prince Andrew (5%) and Prince Philip (4%).

How ironic it is that the one member of the Royal Family to pursue a populist agenda – theatre, It’s A Knockout, TV productions about granny – should be the least popular.

But the reinvention of Edward has already begun in the Mail, where the paper interviews one of his old flames, the woman who had a ”two-year affair” with the lady-killing prince – all-singing, all-dancing Ruthie Henshall.

The headline says we are set to learn ”the truth about my affair with Edward” but we learn nothing of the kind, hearing little of Eddie and more of Ruthie.

And if you, like the rest of us beyond the Rhys-Jones clan, wonder what kind of woman is attracted to Edward, then take a look at a revealing episode in her life.

Having been asked by her agent to stay in New York and become a star rather than return to Britain and her actor partner, Ruthie tells us what happened at the airport check-in.

”Sobbing I said [to the airline’s supervisor]: ‘I’ve got a dilemma. What would you do? Go up for a role in Law And Order or go home and make babies with your boyfriend.”’

Of course, if that boyfriend were a well-known and none-too-well-loved Prince, 100% of us would choose option one.

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