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by | 2nd, June 2003

‘LAST night we heard from the psychologists what the true characteristics of the Big Brother contestants are.

A vanity case

To keep the suspense at full grip, let us give you’re a profile of one of the housemates. Here goes.

This housemate is vain. This housemate thinks they will have a career in television – just as soon as they have won the BB popularity contest.

On the surface, this housemate thinks they are all right, nothing special. Deep down, this housemate is of the unshakeable belief that they are a star.

This housemate thinks they are undeniably fanciable. They can flirt like no other. They are sex on legs.

Any guesses? Go on, have a punt. Very good. You’re right. Well, you couldn’t really be wrong, unless you’d have said Jon, who probably has a deep-rooted God complex.

As for events, Sissy, the Annie-like Scouse, said she’d had a ”porn dream”. And so did Fed. Scott cooked dinner for everyone, and whipped Nush with a towel.

It’s heating up. Our money’s on the one with the fewest clothes onÂ…

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