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Twinned With Baghdad

by | 5th, June 2003

‘THEY must have intended it to have been Liverpool, but the Sun says that Saddam Hussein’s daughters Raghad and Rana are planning to set up home in Leeds.

”Our kid’s a right divvy…”

It seems that Saddam’s cousin, a Izzi-Din Mohammed Hassan al-Majid, is already living in the Yorkshire city, after claiming asylum. He now expects his relatives to join him.

”Saddam’s daughters had British schools and hospitals in mind when they decided to ask for asylum – especially the schools,” says Izzi-Din.

What with the depravation and stench, it’ll be like home from home.

And, if the Mail is right, dearest mummy, Mrs Saddam Hussein, a woman who could pass for one of her husband’s doubles, is set to join them.

So with most of the family set up in Leeds, the only question to be answered is what happened to dad?

Is he already here? Or is he in Liverpool – after all, with that moustache and accent, he’ll lose himself in the crowd in minutes…

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