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Fed’s Dead

by | 5th, June 2003

‘FEDERICO has now managed to mess up not one, but two of the weekly tasks – condemning the housemates to live on a diet of sawdust and broken glass for another seven days.

Fed’s a right tit; Tania checks for a left one

But will he own up? So far the puny little Scot has wrestled with his conscience and won – which doesn’t say much for the strength of his conscience.

Ray went absolutely ballistic when he found out that next week’s shopping budget would be £36.23 – enough only for a couple of large bottles of vodka and some sleeping pills.

How will he react when – and if – he finds out that it was his little buddy who screwed up for the second week running?

Meanwhile, Jon is becoming increasingly weird, telling housemates that he knew exactly how the world was formed, before adding: ”I’m trying to decide how God plays a role in today’s world.”

What of the girls? Well, judging by this week’s nominations, there is a high degree of female solidarity showing through. None of the girls voted for each otherÂ…except Tania – and she looks very much like the kind of girl who’s happily nick her best mate’s boyfriend.

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