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Aisle Be Back

by | 5th, June 2003

‘LIKE planes stacked in a holding pattern above LAX airport, Hollywood’s finest are queuing up to take their turn down the aisle this summer.

Pam was determined to have a traditional white wedding

And first up is the most stacked of them all, Pamela Anderson, who is expected to get married for a second time this summer to Kid Rock.

But don’t expect a repeat of Pammie’s beach wedding to Tommy Lee – Kid (real name Bob Ritchie) tells the National Enquirer that it’s going to be a traditional affair.

”It’s going to be a religious ceremony,” he says, ”big white dress, tux and tails, hundreds of guests – comprised of close family and friends – and lots and lots of delicious food.”

And from there it’s straight off to co-star in their first movie together – Pammie Goes On Honeymoon II.

Following Bob and Pam down the aisle are, of course, Ben Affleck and J-Lo (making her third journey in this particular direction), with Hawaii the favourite as a venue.

Coming in to land next are Harrison Ford (also making his third trip down the aisle) and Calista Flockhart; Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro (both for the second time); and Julianne Moore (also making a repeat visit) and Bart Freundlich.

But how many of these couples will be married by this time next year is anyone’s guess – as the Enquirer observes, ”the Hollywood divorce rate is higher than Jennifer Lopez’s bottom line”.

Remember Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley, who tied the knot in August and promptly untied it three months later.

And Julia Roberts and Danny Moder, who pledged their eternal love to each other last July and have been wondering whether a year counts as an eternity ever since.

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