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Tom & Nic – The Sequel?

by | 5th, June 2003

‘IT is no wonder that the gossip mags love Hollywood weddings when they get to report the divorce only a few months later.

Marriage in 44 of the 50 states

But only in very special cases do we get the marriage, the divorce and then the remarriage.

But that’s where Tom Cruise and ex-wife Nicole Kidman are heading, according to the Enquirer.

It reckons that pint-sized Tom is on the verge of dumping Latin lover Penelope Cruz – and then nothing would stand in the way of a reunion with his Aussie ex.

A pal of Nicole said: ”She knows she can survive on her own and be just as successful as he is – but, if you ask me, her heart belongs to him.

”I think that if they get together again, everyone will breathe a sigh of relief and rejoice in their great happiness. They might as well try it again.”

That’s not quite enough for us to rush to the church and start ringing the bells, but the Enquirer has more evidence for its claim.

Nicole and Tom spent half of Christmas Day together with their children; she lets his peck her on the cheek when they meet; and at times they hold hands.

Given that there are parts of America where a kiss on the cheek and holding hands actually constitutes a marriage, we’d say Nicole should be thinking about throwing away her heels…

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