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Harry & The Thong Bird

by | 9th, June 2003

‘THERE are some newspaper stories that immediately suggest a headline; but there are others where you just know the headline was written first.

Trying to hold on, Harry conjured up a mental image of a naked uncle Eddie

An example of the latter was the story about the lawyer who was late for court after a condom machine fell off the back of a lorry and hit his car – under the headline, ”Johnny Come Lately”.

Another is this morning’s lead story in the Sun, which tells how Prince Harry cringed with embarrassment as he dropped a lacy pink thong while tidying his room for an official photo.

The headline, for those who haven’t already guessed, is ”Heir ‘N’ A G-String”.

The paper claims that the 18-year-old was gathering together his clothes in his Eton room in front of his housemaster and a female photographer when the sexy undies slipped out.

”He went beetroot red,” a source said. ”What made it even more embarrassing was the fact that the photographer was an extremely attractive young lady.”

Why that should make it more embarrassing we’re not sure – unless, of course, the pink G-string was not a ”trophy” (as the Sun claims) but Harry’s own choice of underwear.

Pink is, after all, a good choice of colour for red-heads like Harry and, since Victoria Beckham revealed that husband David wore her knickers, we’re sure they’re all the rage.

Needless to say, however, hot-blooded Harry is claiming otherwise.

A source tells the Sun: ”He is certainly one for the ladies and it didn’t surprise any of us.

”Harry said he had been to a party where he got lucky with a pretty young thing and took her knickers as a trophy.”

It beats having her head chopped off, stuffed and mounted over his bed, we suppose…

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