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A Bunch Of Blix

by | 11th, June 2003

‘EVEN at the apogee of hostilities, George W Bush, a man with a loose, soapy grip on language, resisted the chance to call Saddam Hussein names.

Don’t let the bastards get you down, Hans

Sure he was evil, but, then, who isn’t compared to God-fearing George?

He never called Saddam a berk, a pratt or a dolt. He never shoved his tongue into the space between his bottom lip and chin and gurned.

But now Hans Blix has changed political protocol. In conversation with the Guardian, the UN chief weapons inspector has used the word ”bastard” to describe they ”who spread things around” and ”who planted nasty things in the media”.

Of course, had the unnamed ”they” planted a few weapons of mass destruction in the pages of the Beano, Hans would have achieved what many hawks in the US believed was his goal.

Instead Blix complains that he was smeared by the Bush administration and was wrongly branded a ”homosexual” in Baghdad.

But that’s nothing a bushy moustache can’t fix… ‘

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