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Who Are You?

by | 16th, June 2003

‘SINCE it started its Hot Stars magazine, OK! has developed a worrying schizophrenia.

Former Spice Girl and English soccer player

While the main magazine remains as sycophantic and fawning as ever, its gossipy sister dares to suggest that not everything in the celebrity garden is rosy.

For instance, OK! follows David and Victoria Beckham to Disneyland, where it says they were ”the star attractions”.

A quick look at the accompanying pictures, however, suggests otherwise as the Yanks pay no attention whatsoever to the publicity-hungry pair.

And in Hot Stars we learn the truth – namely, that people in the States didn’t know who the couple were and cared even less.

”David And Victoria Who?” is the headline to its story of how the Beckhams’ attempt to crack America came unstuck on a wave of public indifference.

”In what was a toe-curling glitch on their Stateside trip, Posh and Becks were turned away from a sports shoe store after they requested that the shop be closed to the public while they browsed its aisles in peace,” it says.

The owner refused their request with the immortal line: ”I have no idea who you are.”

Ignorance, in this case, really is bliss – and the shoe store owner was not alone.

In a survey of 10 celebrity hot spots in New York and Los Angeles, only four venues had heard of the Beckhams.

But back to OK!, where the lack of turning heads in Disneyland is easily explained.

”The great thing about a park to which thousands come every day is that, once standing in the queues for the rides, even a pop star and internationally famous footballing hero can be just like any regular mum and dad,” it explains.

”Other celebrities who have enjoyed family visits to Walt Disney amusement parks include Pierce Brosnan, Sir Steve Redgrave, Kym Marsh, David Seaman, Jonathan Ross, Jordan and Patsy Palmer.”

After all, if Kym Marsh can spend an afternoon in Disneyland without being mobbed, so can anyone.

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