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All Guns Leaving

by | 20th, June 2003

‘READING today’s headlines, you’d be excused for thinking that Arsenal are cashing in and putting up the closed signs.

The England pack weigh in

The Express says that Leeds United want the Gunners’ Sylvain Wiltord plus £3m in cash to see that Harry Kewell heads to Highbury.

The Star leads with the news that ”Now Real Want Vieira”. The ”Now” seems a little unnecessary given that for the past three years Real Madrid have been in hot pursuit of the Arsenal captain.

And inside the Express, which seems to have a hotline to the Arsenal camp, readers learn that Barcelona, still sore from losing out on the David Beckham deal, are targeting Thierry Henry.

We also hear in the same paper that Robert Pires, who will captain France tonight as they play Japan, is wanted by Valencia and, yep, you guessed it, Real.

As Arsenal turn into a feeder club for the big Spanish outfits, the Sun takes a look at the warm-up for England’s rugby union match against the Australians.

And it sees Irish referee David McHugh in the centre of a ”protocol row”.

On the eve of the kick off, McHugh will be the guest of the Australian Rugby Union at Melbourne’s Savoy Ballroom.

It seems the Aussies are pulling out all the stops to make sure their boys can swan it over the Poms for a while longer.

It’s just a shame that Lennox Lewis is too busy to be drafted into the English pack. How we would thrill to the sight of Lennox showing Nathan Jones what a flying punch really looks like.

But we must not wish for such things. Violence is only part of sport when it is within the rules. And Lewis will legally use his fists in Saturday’s bout with the dangerous Vitali Klitschko.

The Mail calls the Ukrainian challenger a ”plodding behemoth”, a hulking robot who looks more like the ”tragic monster in the ring than Dr Frankenstein in the throes of creation”.

Meanwhile, Lennox has ”dancing feet” and ”does not scare easily”.

He sounds not a little unlike Jonny Wilkinson.

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