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Too Shy, Shy

by | 20th, June 2003

‘AS if parents didn’t have enough to worry about after being told that their child’s success in education and in its later career is dependent on how much it grows in its first year.

Who said shy people develop into fruitcakes?

Now they learn (courtesy of the Independent) that if little Kylie or Osama is a bit shy as a toddler, then they will almost certainly be a fruit loop when they get older.

An inhibited temperament – marked by features such as shyness, caution or withdrawal – tended to stay with someone for life and was linked with hyperactivity in a region of the brain known as the ”seat of fear”.

It may sound like the title of the next Harry Potter book, but in fact it means that they are at greater risk of developing serious mental disturbances later in life.

Shyness could also explain another Independent story – that A-level pupils are to learn the skill of answering back.

From our hazy recollections of school, answering back to teachers never used to be something that was encouraged, let alone needed to be taught.

But a new A-level in critical thinking will change all that, with sample questions such as: ”Is that a cigarette in your hand, Potter?”

A) ”Nope.” B) ”I’m just holding it for Mr Gryffindor.” C) ”So what if it is.” D) ”Depends what you mean by cigarette, sir.” ‘

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