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Bonding Sessions

by | 20th, June 2003

‘PRINCE William might have his mum’s demeanour and dad’s dress sense, but looking at pictures of him sipping booze in the Mirror, he seems to have inherited great-granny’s taste buds.

”I think it’s called a Flaming Bentley, Pops”

”Are you trying to get me pissed?” asks William of his dad as the pair toured the booze stands at a Welsh Food Fair in Anglesey.

No answer was forthcoming, as the Express watched Wills down ”several” dinks, including a tot of real ale called Amnesia.

He then pointed out a fruit liqueur. ”Look, Pops, they’ve got cherry brandy,” he quipped, a reference to a time when a 14-year-old Charles asked for the sickly brew in a pub.

But Wills is no spindly-legged 14-year-old; he’s the living embodiment of Michelangelo’s David (it says here). He’s 21 tomorrow and, in training for his big day, sinking a few liveners, as it were.

Joining him in getting them in early is brother Prince Harry. In ”Harry Totter” the Sun watches Will’s younger brother make his own tour, this time of some ”trendy” London nightspots

Spotted swaying down London’s Fulham Road with a friend and two policemen in tow, Harry was later seen knocking back wine, cocktails and bottles of lager.

It wasn’t until 3:30am that Harry rolled out of the 151 Club in Chelsea, his sleeves rolled up and a ”trademark” baseball cap on his head.

Whether or not he then did a Euan Blair is left unsaid, and best left that way…

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