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Skinning The Wallabies

by | 20th, June 2003

‘BEATING New Zealand at rugby on their own patch was sweet. But there is something sublime about even the idea of smashing the Wallabies.

”Last into the showers is a girl…”

The likes of David Campese, the ‘hand of God’ Australian whose act of pragmatism cost England dear in the 1991 World Cup, are delighting in doing the English team down.

The overwhelming phrase they use in an English context is boring. England are dull. England are a bunch of orcs. England are ugly. If England win, it will be a dark day for rugby.

Well, look to the Heavens boys and those gathering black clouds because England have the best chance of beating the Aussies in an age.

The language from the Australian camp belies fear. They are at home and are expected to win. Unlike in Britain, the Australians breathe sport. Sport is what gives their country so much of its presence in the world.

If the British didn’t play rugby and cricket against them, ask yourself how often the antipodeans would make a British news bulletin?

They need the British because they need competition for the sports in which they undoubtedly excel. And England – who because of cricket bear the brunt of the Aussies’ assault – are too happy to accept the role of loser.

If England win on Saturday, the Australians will take it hard. A nation raised on whingeing Poms – who, in truth, barely utter a whimper as they are smashed to smithereens by McGraths and Gillespies – will be upset by their own whingeing.

It has already begun. Eddie Jones, the Wallaby coach, is playing his get out of jail card.

”It’s really important we have one of the most influential referees in the world and I hope he will be very strict in enforcing the ruck and tackle,” he says.

”If he does that, there will be clean ball for both sides. If he doesn’t, it might be quite an ugly affair.”

Ah, ugly. That would be another reference to England, seen Down Under as the ugliest side ever.

But at least the hosts will show how us to play fair, picking the likes of Nathan Gray at fly-half, a man remembered for his flying elbow which punctured Richard Hill’s head in a Lions match.

They like to play fair do these Aussies. And let’s just hope that when England hit the winning points, they behave like the gentlemen and non-moaners they are.

We can learn a lot from the Aussies. So let’s begin with leaning how to beat them…

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