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Fake Tan

by | 22nd, June 2003

‘IT is hard to take anyone who has been out with Peter Andre seriously, but there is one person who seems to manage it – Tania herself.

Not-so-mysterious girl

The eyebrow-plucking shop assistant had another sense of humour failure last night after Cameron’s feeble attempt at banter went awry.

As six of the seven remaining inmates enjoyed a banquet meal in the reward room, the Scottish fish trader told off Tania for smoking at the table.

”This is a classy evening, not some old slapper do,” he said, much to Tania’s displeasure, although it was surely only the ‘old’ part of ‘old slapper’ that she could object to.

Earlier, Cameron had left Nush miffed after deciding that she should be the one to miss out on the banquet – and that could prove a bad tactical decision.

Up to now, Nush (together with Gos and Steph) has been one of Cameron’s allies, while Ray, Tania and Scott all nominated him for eviction last week. And now it’s odds on that old slapper Tania will do so again this week…

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