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Mauled By Droopy

by | 23rd, June 2003

‘STICKS and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.

Deputy Dawg

However, in the absence of sticks and stones, pin-ups Jordan and Jodie Marsh continue to trade insults in this morning’s red-tops.

The issue seems to be about which of the two is the biggest tramp, although we’re not quite sure whether that is a desirable state or not.

At the weekend, 25-year-old Jordan accused Jodie of having a nose like a builder’s elbow and being ”without class, brains or boobs”.

And she really got her claws out, says the Sun, over revelations that Jodie gives part of her earnings away to Battersea Dogs’ Home.

”You’re nowhere near my earning league,” Jordan said. ”But I thought it was sweet to donate the tiny amount you do get to the Battersea Dogs’ Home. Hounds should stick together.”

However, Jodie was quick to get her own back, getting a pal to write REAL! across her exposed cleavage in a dig at Jordan’s surgically-enhanced 36FF monsters.

”Jordan is just a tramp,” she tells the Star. ”I never said I wanted to be the next Jordan. I said I wanted to be bigger than Jordan.”

Given that the already pneumatic Jordan is rumoured to be about to have her fourth boob job, that is indeed a far-fetched, albeit noble, ambition.

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