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Pitta Bred

by | 23rd, June 2003

‘JADE Goody’s new baby Bobby is doing fine. He’s taken to Jade’s kebabs like a duck to a piece of soggy pitta bread and is building up his strength.

A Bobby-eyed view of Jade’s onion ring

And mum and dad are eager for the love not to end there. Putting the gherkins in Bobby’s doners will be dad, Jeff Brazier, who will provide the fatherly yang love to Jade’s mothering yin.

But they will not marry. There will be no Magazine Anniversary for Jade and Jeff.

”I just think we need to concentrate on our house and baby,” says Jeff on the subject of marriage. ”There’s no rush, really.”

But how can she, being unwed, have just completed a version of Celebrity Wife Swap, the show in which two husbands swap their wives in the manner of a 1970s cliche, albeit without the drama or the sex?

Has Jade committed TV fraud?

Like real talent, the truth will out…

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