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What A Cheek!

by | 25th, June 2003

‘WIMBLEDON started in earnest yesterday when not only did Tiger Tim open his campaign but we got the first gratuitous knickers shot of this year’s championship.

Pretty and sweet and pinkish

The wearer of the knickers in question is Ashley Harkleroad, an 18-year-old American who, despite losing in straight sets to Maria Sharapova in the Battle Of The Babes, makes the front page of this morning’s Star.

Harkleroad, says the paper, has been dubbed ”Kourna-Copy” because of her resemblance to a certain absent Russian player and, with a 2-6, 1-6 scoreline, it’s clear the resemblance is not just physical.

But she has at least inspired the Star to run its first Wimbledon competition of the year, inviting readers to match 10 famous tennis bottoms with their owners.

”These sizzling smashers really know how to turn up the heat on the centre court,” says the paper, dusting down the puns from last year.

”With their athletic frames and barely-there outfits, it’s definitely an ace every time thanks to these gorgeous gals.”

Even the newly-serious Mirror can’t help itself as it looks up Harkleroad’s skirt (or, at least, what passes for a skirt) and cries: ”It was never Lycra this in the old days.”

”Her hot pants,” it says wistfully, ”are certainly a far cry from the frumpy knickers of Wimbledon’s past.

”Few fans were complaining, however, as gorgeous Ashley did battle on court two.”

Clearly, the Mirror had not been talking to the same people as the Express, whose headline, ”Bot A Disgrace”, says it all.

”It was very distracting and nobody seemed to be watching the tennis,” an onlooker tells the paper. ”It’s not really what we want at Wimbledon.”

Words that Harkleroad’s conqueror, 16-year-old Russian model Maria Sharapova echoes in the Sun. ”It’s not just about going out there and being pretty, sweet and pinkish,” she says.

Tell that to the Star, Maria.

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