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Low-Rent Kents

by | 25th, June 2003

‘THE Queen barely gets a look-in in this week’s edition of Hello! before she is muscled out of the way by Prince and Princess Pushy.

Pushy Palace

While Her Majesty has to content herself with a couple of shots at the races, Prince and Princess Michael hog the limelight with an intimate and revealing interview.

In it, we learn that the Princess is, in her own words, ”a rather easy-going central European woman” – although she spoils the effect somewhat by also admitting to being ”volatile and Hungarian”.

Nor could the accusation that the couple swan around doing nothing be further from the truth.

”We work very hard,” says Princess Easy-Going. ”We earn what we live on. We pay for every gallon of petrol, every sheet of paper…”

Everything, in fact, except of course for the small matter of the £120,000-a-year rent on their apartment in Kensington Palace.

”We did it up ourselves and we pay for everything including staff,” says Princess Laid-Back. ”We don’t pay rent, but no member of the family pays rent. It is in the Queen’s gift.”

And it’s not hard being generous when you have a dozen or so palaces to your name…

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