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Wind Of Change

by | 26th, June 2003

‘BEANZ meanz Heinz and, as we all know only too well, Heinz beanz meanz only one thing – er, wind.

Full-fart beans

But no longer. According to the Mail, researchers in Venezuela claim to have found the Holy Grail of the haricot world – the flatulence-free baked bean.

”Of course, food purists might see it as the slippery slope to blandness, in the manner of odourless garlic and alcohol free beer,” says the paper.

”But, for the quarter of the population who avoid beans because of their not-so-polite potential, it could be a dietary delight.”

And now for the science bit. Flatulence is apparently caused by bacteria in the large intestine reacting with substances in beans called alpha galactosides and soluble dietary fibre.

But if the beans are fermented before being canned, the culprits can be weeded out before they have a chance to practise their black arts.

However, not everyone is convinced that they want to live in a fart-free world.

”Flatulence is an important indicator of a healthy gut system,” says Dr Glenn Gibson, a microbiologist at Reading University.

”It’s only a social problem. You need to expel gas to ensure your gut is functioning properly.”

Yes, but why do people always have to check if their guts are healthy in a crowded lift? ‘

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