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The Prince Is A Pauper

by | 30th, June 2003

”IF a rich man makes a lot of money,’ says the Prince Charles lackey to the Mirror, ‘he buys a flashy car, a yacht, racehorses, buys into a football club and has a string of young delightful girls.

An old boat to go with Charles’ old car

‘The Prince of Wales doesn’t have any of those things. He only has one Aston Martin and that’s old [made 1969]. He doesn’t collect art. He doesn’t own a house.’

And you can just as easily add to that list how he lives in his granny’s old digs, dates a woman old enough to know better and has to make his own art with no more than weak watercolours and a used toothbrush.

He is a confirmed landlubber since his mum was robbed of the family yacht and the only football team he owns is a Subbuteo select XI from 1975.

He does, though, as the Mail reminds us all, own at least 16 polo ponies and a few hunting horses. So, is he really so hard up?

Like the Mail and Mirror, we have seen the Prince’s accounts and have noted that last year Charles spent £843,000 on entertaining and £45,000 on gifts.

He lashed out a further £189,000 on travel and £160,000 on residences and offices.

He has an army of 91 staff, whose number includes 17 domestics, broken down as one Private Secretary, three chefs, two butlers, two chauffeurs, a valet, a gardener, five housekeepers and managers, a toothpaste squeezer and a plant language translator.

And, most refreshingly, his mum still does his washing.

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