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On The Side Of The Angels

by | 30th, June 2003

‘WOMEN of the world, rip off your aprons, go and buy a push-up bra and organise yourself into crime-fighting trios – Charlie’s Angels is the feminist vision of the future.

”When shall we three meet again?”

So says one third of the big screen’s sexiest crime-busting team – Cameron Diaz.

”The Angels are out there going ‘By the way, this is who you should be and this is where women are going to end up,” Cameron tells OK!

”I think we’re holding up a mirror to women and saying this is who you are, this is what you’re capable of and this is what you’re doing at the present time.”

Of course, when most people look in the mirror, they don’t see the face of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore or Lucy Liu looking back at them.

And when they try a high-kick, they spend the next six months in hospital trying to repair a shattered hip and torn groin.

Added to which, there is the small matter of the Angels’ boss being a man, but Cameron still sees her character as a good role model for young girls.

”I feel really good about the sort of image we’re putting out there,” she says, ”and I feel confident that we’re giving them something that is completely reasonable and achievable.”

So what are you waiting for, lay-deez? There are crimes to be solved, baddies to be beaten up, bikinis to be worn…

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